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I help women take back their power, know their true value, and live life empowered!


Living Life On Your Own Terms

Every woman has the innate wisdom and fortitude within her to find her 
path to Empowered Living and that’s what my work is all about.

I Believe...

every woman deserves to feel simply great about herself. But the vast majority of women I’ve worked with are not living their best lives because they are hampered by their own minds. Our mind is the most powerful weapon we have and when we know how to program it the right way, miraculous changes take place in our lives.

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I've Been Studying The Human Psyche...

for over 25 years, and one thing I know for sure is this: Every woman has within her
the power to change her life, no matter what has happened to her.

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My Brand...

With my special brand of Hypnotherapy, NLP, Coaching and my trademark ‘Cogni-Fusion’ audio training, I’ve helped my clients redefine themselves by digging deep inside their souls, to find the truth of who they really are.

This means they have been able to successfully overcome some of life’s biggest challenges – including recovering from a shattered marriage, leaving toxic relationships, getting promoted, asking for (and getting!) a raise, starting their own business, losing (a lot!) of weight, and most important of all, learning to love themselves unconditionally.


that their lives need not be controlled by a plethora of untruths about who they really are. There are three key issues that most of my clients struggle with: negative self-talk, limiting beliefs (untruths) about themselves, and past memories or ‘pains’. But guess what? These can all be completely eradicated!

I've been there too.

I’ve been so broke at one point in my life I thought I’d have to give up my dog, as I could barely afford to feed him. I had many sleepless nights, tossing and turning in a puddle of angst over that one.

I’ve been in jobs where, frankly, sticking needles in my eyes would have been more fun!

My sister and I were tied up and held at knifepoint by intruders whilst staying in a pub in London. Terrifying doesn’t even cover it. We feared for our lives.

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But I didn’t let any of these (and many other) events define who I was, or let them make me bitter. I constantly studied and read everything I could get on Personal Development and Law of Attraction. I learned a lot! Studying NLP, Hypnotherapy and Psychology taught me a lot more and when I decided to leave the corporate world and return to the world of therapy four years ago, I was drawn to Life Coaching and knew that I could combine it in an extremely effective way with NLP & Hypnotherapy. That’s when I developed Cogni-Fusion – my trademark audio training that helps my clients to rapidly reprogram their subconscious AND conscious minds and all my coaching and books always come with Cogni-Fuison MP3s.  

I help each client to completely rebuild the foundations of who she thinks she is, so that she can become the person she really is inside: a unique, powerful woman who lives life on her own terms. That means letting go of the self-doubt, recrimination and fear that has stopped her from reaching for her dreams. Until now.  

So what’s stopping you from living your life empowered?


  • You’re no longer prepared to stay in a loveless relationship because you are terrified of being alone.
  • You finally get that you DO matter, you are unique, and you deserve the best.
  • You’re no longer prepared to put up with disrespect and mistreatment of yourself, your home and your possessions - by anyone… including your partner, children or friends.
  • You finally find the courage to face up to your fears, meet them head on, and crush them beneath your killer heels OR your trainers!
  • You own your past, your mistakes, your life lessons, make peace with all of it and move on. Next!
  • You can hold your head up, stand tall, look the world in the eye, smile and say ‘I’ve got this!’
  • If someone cheats on you, you know that YOU are not to blame – you walk away with integrity.
  • You understand that your past does not define who you are and you know you are so much more!
  • You find the courage to release your past trauma, abuse, and learn the astonishing power of forgiveness… for yourself and others.
  • You take control of your life, crush your limiting beliefs, and know that you are the architect of your future.
  • You never have to match up to anyone’s ideals but your own.
  • You live every day in gratitude.
  • And finally, Empowered Living means living life on YOUR terms. Bring it on!
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